All about JWSE

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John Wesley School – Eshowe is a primary school nestled in the rolling hills of sugar cane in the heart of Zululand, South Africa.   Eshowe, a semi-rural farming community was  the birth place of Cetshwayo, King of the Zulu Nation during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.  Situated near King Shaka’s famous KwaBulawayo kraal, Eshowe hosts a 250 hectare indigenous forest within its municipal boundaries.

In 1994 the Eshowe Methodist Church realized the vast need for affordable pre-school education within the community. While there were two existing English-medium pre-schools already operating in Eshowe, neither of them would accept children who were not already proficient in English. Parents were desperate as they recognized their children had no hope of being accepted into an English-medium primary school without a foundation in English. In an attempt to meet some of these educational needs, the Eshowe Methodist Church opened the doors of Noah’s Ark Pre-School in April 1994. Within a few months the pre-school had three full classes and a long waiting list. In 1996 parents of the pre-school learners (who were delighted with the high standards and educational success rate) began urging the school to expand to include a junior primary phase. This suggestion was supported by the majority of teachers and principals in other schools in Eshowe who were overwhelmed by the number of applicants for grade one each year. From 1998 to 2011 John Wesley School – Eshowe remained a Foundation Phase School, offering classes from PreSchool through Grade 3.  In 2012 the school took another leap of faith and began the trek toward a full-fledged primary school, with classes from PreSchool up through Grade 7.

We desire that our learners love and serve the living God, using everything God gave them to become everything they can for Him.

Our vision is to help create a society through education that will seek and serve God by living in unity with one another and the environment.

We offer education from Pre-Primary through Grade 7.  Our teachers are all university trained and registered with the South Afican Council of Educators.  Classes are multi-graded and very small, offering individual support to all learners.  We also have a remedial teacher on site to offer assistance to any learners who need extra support.  We participate in netball, cricket, soccer and athletics.

John Wesley School – Eshowe is one of many schools affiliated with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.  We offer quality, affordable  education.


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